The European Port Community Systems Association (EPCSA)

EPCSA was formed by six of the leading European Port Community Systems Association Operators to represent the interests of the Port Community Systems Operators in Europe.  It was formed by SOGET, Le Havre, France; MCP, Felixstowe, UK; Portic, Barcelona, Spain; Portbase, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Netherlands, dbh, Bremen, Germany and DAKOSY, Germany.

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17th April 2014

EPCSA welcomes its 21st Member  1-Stop, Australia

We are delighted to announce 1-Stop in Australia as the latest EPCSA member. 1-Stop becomes the 21st Members of EPCSA and our third outside the European Union.

“1-Stop is a globally recognised leader in innovating and delivering integrated solutions to increase productivity for the Port Community. We are committed to working collaboratively with all members of the community to deliver efficiency gains for everyone.  1-Stop’s objective is to continually improve productivity in the Port Community so that all users benefit from efficiency gains.

For more information go to: http://www.1-stop.biz

12th April 2014

New speakers announced for the EPCSA 2014 Conference in Civitavecchia, 4th June

EPCSA are pleased to announce that key speakers at the EPCSA "Intelligent Exchange" will now include Ms Teresa Alvaro, Director of Innovative Technologies at Iltalian Customs and Mr Enrico Pujia, General Director, Italian Transport Ministry who will provide an insight to and an understanding of the Italian ambitions on the Exchange of Electronic information in the Maritime and Customs areas.  

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26th March 2014

Intelligent Exchange: top speakers for EPCSA conference - Published 26th March 2014

The vital role that data exchange plays in efficient, effective maritime transport is an issue at the top of the agenda for both industry professionals and policymakers, as the European Union seeks to create a ‘level playing field’ for all transport modes.

And so, at the fourth major conference to be organised by the European Port Community Systems Association since its launch in 2011, experts from both sides will gather in Civitavecchia, Italy, to give their perspective on the latest policy and operational issues relating to the efficient exchange of information within the maritime and logistics supply chain.

The conference, entitled ‘Intelligent Exchange: Data Exchange for Smooth Maritime & Logistics Processes’, will take place in Civitavecchia on 4th June 2014, hosted by one of EPCSA’s newer members, the Port Network of Rome/Port Authority of Civitavecchia, Italy.


26th March 2014

Just three years after EPCSA was launched by six founding members, the association has welcomed its 20th member, Portugal’s Sines Port Authority.

Sines, which has seen steady and significant growth of container volumes over the past ten years, has also set the pace in the development of its own Port Community System, Janela Única Portuária (Port Single Window – JUP).

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20th March 2014

EPCSA announces its 2014 Conference 

 ‘Intelligent Exchange’  – data exchange for smooth maritime and logistics processes

4th June 2014, Civitavecchia, Port of Rome, Italy

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14th February 2014

The members of EPCSA met in Hamburg for workshops on current topics.  Yet again as EPCSA grows, this was the largest meeting of Port Community System Operators, not just in Europe but in the world.  The workshops covered the UCC and also looked at Business Process Analysis and the use of it  during the development of PCS.  

18th October 2013

EPCSA publishes the summary of the "Developing Electronic Trade through Ports" Conference held in Riga, Latvia on October 10th.

The vital role that efficient electronic exchange of information plays in speedy, smooth cargo flows was highlighted at an extremely varied and dynamic conference organised by the European Port Community Systems Association.

How best to gather electronic information? How to process it? How to avoid burdening shipping lines, ports and statutory authorities with data that has been collected but really isn’t needed?   

These and other issues were topics for presentations and debate at the conference, entitled ‘Developing Electronic Trade through Ports’, organised by EPCSA in association with the Freeport of Riga, which hosted the event.

The conference was divided into two clear sessions: The Current Situation, and Future Developments. The event concluded with a panel discussion.

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20th September 2013

EPCSA issues its latest poistion on the EU eManifest proposal

The European Port Community Systems Association (EPCSA) welcomes the EU initiative with regards to the development of a harmonised eManifest.

EPCSA recognises the need for further simplifications in order to ensure that the whole maritime supply chain, including both public and private stakeholders, modernises to enable the efficient exchange of electronic information, but urges the Commission not to disrupt existing efficient and successfully functioning business processes in the area of electronic manifesting.

Critically, EPCSA believes that to minimise any impact on the whole Maritime and Logistics Trade, as well as Member States, that the eManifest should be implemented in a Phased approach.  This will give the Trade and Member States time to plan their resources, both financial and technological, to ensure successful implementation.

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15th July 2013

EPCSA publishes the summary and conclusions of the "Simplification of Port Processes" Conference, June 11th, Brussels, Belgium 

The ‘Simplification of Port Processes’ conference, hosted by the World Customs Organization, featured presentations by a series of prominent speakers, and also included in-depth panel discussions in which delegates were able to raise specific issues.

In essence, the conference considered: What are the key strands of European Union policy relating to port processes? How are they viewed from the differing perspectives of the European Commission and the shipping and ports community? What role do Port Community Systems play in the processes and procedures, and why is this so critical? And, finally, what is needed next to drive forward trade facilitation within and beyond Europe, particularly in the context of the Single Window environment?

“The conference offered a well-balanced programme of speakers, including policymakers and regulators on the one hand and trade – including shipowners and forwarders – on the other,” said EPCSA chairman Alan Long. 

To view the conference summaries and download presentations go to "Simplification of Port Processes"

Download the "Summary and Conclusions Document"

12th July 2013

"Developing Electronic Trade Through Ports" Conference announced by EPCSA in Association with the Freeport of Riga Authority to be held in Riga, Latvia on the 10th October 2013

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27th May 2013

EPCSA issues its statement with regards to the annoucenment of the European Commission Ports proposals 

The European Port Community Systems Association welcomes the EU Port Policy proposals with regards to ‘supporting administrative simplification in ports’, announced on 23May 2013. 

EPCSA recognises the need for further simplification in order to help ports modernise their service provision with regards to the exchange of electronic information but urges the Commission not to duplicate existing business processes and to use those messages that are already in use by the Maritime and Logistics Industry within the EU.

In order to avoid duplication, the information used for operational processes can also be used to support the ‘Simplification of Port Processes’ for administrative reasons, thus creating efficiencies within the complete port environment.

EPCSA recommends that:

  • Port Community Systems act as Gateways for trade into ‘National Single Window’.
  • Any policy initiatives such as ‘Blue Belt’, ‘e-maritime’ and ‘e-freight’ are based on existing worldwide electronic message standards, to ensure that no additional burden is placed upon the trade.
  • The TEN-T ‘Connecting Europe Facility’ should support the development of Port Community Systems in those key seaports that do not already have them.
  • Port Community System Operators should be seen as a core stakeholders in the development of future proposals with regards to the electronic exchange of information throughout the complete logistics chain, including seaports, airports and inland ports.
  • Port Community Systems cover all stakeholders in the logistics process and thus can be used as a mechanism for engaging with port users at local, national and European levels.

These recommendations and the European Commission’s Port Policy proposals will be further discussed by both the Commission and logistics industry representatives at the EPCSA conference on ‘Simplification of Port Processes’ to be held in Brussels on 11 June 2013. For further information on the EPCSA conference, go to:


To download full the full position go to click here


EPCSA Annouces high level conference on "Simplification of Port Processes" on June 11th 2013, Brussels

TWO years after its official launch, the European Port Community Systems Association (ECPSA) is to host a high-level conference focusing on the simplification of port processes and trade facilitation. 

What are the key strands of European Union policy relating to port processes? How are they viewed from the differing perspectives of the European Commission and the shipping and ports community? And what is needed next to drive forward trade facilitation within and beyond Europe?

These thorny topics will be tackled in presentations by a series of speakers and in panel discussions at the conference, which takes place on June 11 at the World Customs Organization (WCO) in Brussels.

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January 2013

New chairman and vice chairman announced.

The European Port Community Systems Association (EPCSA) is determined to keep its focus on the important issues and maintain close contact with officers and decision-makers in the European Commission, according to the association’s new chairman and vice-chairman.

Alan Long, managing director of Felixstowe-based Maritime Cargo Processing (MCP), has been appointed chairman of EPCSA, and Piet Jan ten Thije, strategy and business director of Rotterdam-based Portbase, is the new vice chairman of the association. For full press release click here

Launch of Reference Guide to "Message Standards in the EU"

In another major development for EPCSA, the association has launched “Message Standards in the EU”, a reference guide summary designed to support current and future Port Community System Operators in identifying what Electronic Messages and Standards are currently in use within the European Union. Download Message Reference Guide

November 2012

EPCSA issues a Policy Statement on e-Maritime, Single Window and 2010/65 at the DG MOVE e-Maritime conference in Brussels held on the 22nd and 23rd November 2012.  

Download the EPCSA Policy Statement on e-Maritime, Single Window and 2010/65

EPCSA highlights e-Maritime speakers Port Community Systems' Single Window Role.

Download the EPCSA e-Maritime Press Release - November 2012

November 2012

The latest edition of the EPCSA Newsletter has just been published and highlights its international appeal and reviews 2012.

Download the EPCSA Autumn 2012 Newsletter

July 2012

EPCSA will has supported int he organisation of a regional conference, in Sofia Bulgaria on Single Window and Port Community Systems to be held in Sofia, Bulgaria on the 17th July 2012.  It is an opportunity for organisations from the Baltic Sea, Adriatic and the Black Sea to understand what benefits Port Community Systems can bring in improving the efficiency of Ports and the whole supply chain through the use of information technology and electronic messages to reduce tradtional bottlenecks in logistics chain. For more information contact Richard Morton, EPCSA Secretary General, richard.morton@epcsa.eu

April 2012

The Latest Spring Newsletter has just been published, focussing on the development of Port Community Systems and the latest policy statements from the Association.

Download the EPCSA Spring 2012 Newsletter

14th December 2011

EPCSA launches new Guide: How to Develop a Port Community System

AS the European and global ports industry adopts increasingly sophisticated electronic processing solutions and moves towards the concept of a Single Window, the European Port Community Systems Association has launched a timely and unique Guide entitled: ‘How to Develop a Port Community System’.

The Guide provides a simple outline to organisations, whether port authorities, Customs authorities, government departments or agencies, or users of sea, air and inland ports, of the basic steps to developing a Port Community System; one that suits the environment in which they operate, and provides the solution to bottlenecks or delays that can create inefficiencies....

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November 2011

Event Annoucement - EPCSA will be holding a seminar on

"How to Develop a Port Community System"

Simple, efficient solutions for swift and smooth supply chains.

 December 14, 2011, UNECE, Geneva

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Position Statement - EPCSA has issued its position on EU Directive 2010/65 - download here

October 2011

Position Statement - EPCSA has issued its position on ICS Phase 2 - download here


September 2011

The first issue of the EPCSA Newsletter is now available for download.  The Newsletter provides an opportunity for EPCSA to inform the wider community of its activities and future events. 

Click here to download the Autumn edition of the EPCA Newsletter.


June 2011 - ‘The Added Dimension’: Port Community Systems Operators create European association

EUROPE is home to the most efficient Port Community Systems in the world – and they will play a vital role in the EC’s aspirations for tradefacilitation through a Single Window.

That was the clear message from speakers at ‘The Added Dimension’, the inaugural conference and launch of the European Port Community Systems Association, held at the World Customs Organization in Brussels.

Speakers from DG TAXUD, DG MOVE, the World Customs Organization and UNECE all welcomed the creation of EPCSA, which was described as a much-needed association that could contribute much to the harmonisation and simplification of trade throughout Europe..................

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